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EPIC’s POB and Mustering technology system was developed by its founder, Ian Traquair, who also contributed to the integration of a well known flight management and accreditation software system after the Piper Alpha disaster. His vision was, and still is, to keep personnel as safe as possible and reduce risk in the event of offshore operational disaster.

The company has grown from strength to strength and is now a Global Leader in all aspects of POB and Mustering. Our reputation as a reliable and responsible partner has ensured this growth and allowed us to provide POB and Mustering systems across the globe ensuring regulatory and safety requirements are met.

We work closely with a large number of the world’s Oil and Gas majors and offshore accommodation providers. We offer standard packages that will allow you to meet minimum requirements as well as bespoke packages to meet specific needs. Each individual installation can be configured specifically to match each client’s requirements.

Our outstanding support service is a feature of which we are proud. It provides our clients with the reassurance that EPIC is an integral part of their team that is always present to help.

With a fully managed maintenance service as part of the package, we fully support your system’s management and monitoring – and we do so with all the painstaking care and diligence these safety-critical systems demand.

By offering outstanding benefits against costs, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency, EPIC provides a highly competitive system that can be relied upon in the event of operational disaster.

The Human Factor

The EPIC team works a bit like a family and strongly supports its team’s individual interests and causes close to their hearts both financially and with a generous commitment for time. The business is family and community orientated, genuinely altruistic and frequently supports events and charities that benefit local and global communities. In the past this has included large donations towards Shelter boxes, the Stroke Association, Mary's Meals, Kids Action, Step Ahead Aberdeen, Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland and Diabetes UK.

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Operational excellence and innovation in specialist software and hardware. Including product flexibility and standardisation


Accountable for the safety of 25,000+ people every day around the world. Managing 30 million gangway movements a year.


Integrity and quality throughout the project life cycle with fully managed system maintenance.

What We Use

  • Proven technology and industrial components
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) including short and long range
  • ATEX & IECEx certified equipment for use in hazardous areas
  • Custom specialist software developed with over 15 years of experience
  • Mobile and fixed scanners allowing for flexibility
  • Industrial Wireless Access Points
  • Industrial quality servers with redundancy
  • Peer 2 Peer replication systems
  • Cloud based backups and remote support
  • SQL databases for full flexibility

DP3 Semi-sub floatel

To anyone who has worked with a T card or other manual mustering system, the suggestion the you could muster 736 people in 15 minutes would be considered blatantly ridiculous...............but that is what we did last night!!

The field in question has three accommodation locations and completed a full field muster last night using the EPIC POB system. We do this at every muster, but this time it struck me as significant that so many people could be mustered with such efficiency.

It also identifies anomalies quickly. The name of the person standing by on the new BLP installation to keep the lights on, quickly came into the system as missing and was identified easily.


UK North Sea

In my capacity as a platform OIM on various installations and HUC OIM on several projects, my greatest priority during an emergency situation is to account for all personnel on the installation as safely and as quickly as possible. In my experience, I have found over time that the EPIC Smart-Trac swipe card system has been the most efficient safe system to enable me to do this. The system is easy for one and all to use, easy to interrogate and in a muster situation, gives you a constantly updating picture of the number of people accounted / not accounted for in real time. The system also provides easy access to identify missing individuals by name when necessary, allowing focused attention to the individuals last known work area by search parties etc. Reliability of the system is second to none, most issues found are down to the human machine interface aspect. I have never been let down by EPIC Smart-Trac, with some projects involving 500+ personnel, being able to account for them all within 20 minutes, usually less, makes the management of the remainder of an emergency situation a lot easier and a lot less stressful. I would recommend EPIC Smart-Trac as the system of choice for all POB management and electronic mustering needs.

Rig Manager

Borgsten Dolphin

The Smart-Trac system accurately manages the POB transfers between the platform and ourselves and achieves the aim of reducing muster times by eliminating the need to manually headcount. We are achieving full musters in nine minutes which is excellent. It also tracks the whereabouts of Emergency Response Team Members during exercises, giving the OIM a full picture of where resources can best be deployed during specific incidents.

During drills the rig find it easy to understand.

The support from EPIC has been second to none, they are keen to ensure that their product works to its full potential and are always quick to answer any queries or work through any issues arising. I would recommend this system to any Operator looking to install a POB muster system, although I have only experienced this product in tandem whilst being alongside a compliant platform, I would certainly now use it on a stand-alone installation.