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Flight Logistics

A complete flight and hotel management module forms the basis of the Smart-Trac™ POB System which shows live POB figures at all times. Accommodation, muster points and lifeboats can be allocated prior to the flight arrival, with multiple flights all being managed and pre-planned several days in advanced if required. Last minute changes can be accounted for right up until the moment you process the arrival/departure of the aircraft.

Offshore Flight Management

On arrival you can process the flight, generate current POB, muster point and lifeboat lists and issue the resident personnel with their RFID tag. Unprocessed residents and visitors are allocated a default lifeboat/muster point to ensure all persons on board are accounted for at all times.

Offshore Flight Logistics

Passenger and freight information generates a complete departure flight manifest showing 'Souls On Board' plus total weight of both passengers and cargo. Once the aircraft is airborne, the POB is updated and an Emergency Flight Report is available to any connected PC and can be emailed to a remote office.

The flight management module can operate independently in remote geographical locations, and is also fully compatible with most existing third party systems.