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Gangway / Bridge Control

Crucial for Walk to Work and Bridge Linked Platforms (BLP), the Gangway/Bridge control module provides an efficient, intuitive and accurate way to control the flow of personnel and visitors as they travel between interconnected facilities.

Gangway management is achieved with directional RFID card readers installed at Control Points that provide users with positive recognition while universally recognised traffic lights indicate current POB levels to ensure that areas never exceed their Life Saving Appliance (LSA) limits. All personnel and visitors are issued with a RFID smart-card on arrival to the installation. Personnel crossing, register at a reader and get a local approval (green light) and message confirming approved transaction and POB is updated immediately. In the event of a non approved movement, for example exceeding max POB limit, a red light and message is displayed. Multiple POB displays, gangways and/or bridge linked platforms are all controlled from a local server. The exact number of personnel present at each location is displayed at terminals that can be located in control rooms, bridge decks and administration points with the additional option for a manual override to close any gangway/bridge link at any time.

Gangway Management and Bridge Control Point

Key features of Gangway Control are that they:

  • Manage live POB numbers
  • Issue alerts as thresholds are approached
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Ensure lifeboat capacities are not exceeded on interconnected facilities
  • Manage multi-bridge-linked platforms with ease

The Gangway Control system is flexible and provides an easy way of managing shuttle personnel and visitors. The shift planning function allows you to manage POB allocations for lifeboats.

Gangway Control: an intelligent way to keep personnel safe

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