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POB Management

The Flight Logistics and Hotel Administration module lies at the heart of the EPIC Smart-Trac™ POB System and is capable of managing the administration, bed allocation, muster point, lifeboat allocation and certification of personnel as well as being a powerful reporting tool. All personnel and visitors are issued with a RFID card that is registered to them and that is carried at all times in order to ensure their safety.

Thanks to constant refinement informed by user feedback over many years, it is as easy to use and has huge capability. The system ensures the smooth running of day-to-day offshore operations with live reports available for all core functions, muster reports and system history. The database is fully multi-lingual.

Fully Integrated Flight Logistics and Hotel Management:

The EPIC POB System has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the Oil and Gas industry for use on floating accommodation semi-subs, fixed installations, jack-ups and FPSO's. This has resulted in a fully integrated Flight Logistics and Hotel Management package. We can provide anything from a basic system to a fully customised system to suit all your requirements. Whichever you choose, it can be integrated into most existing third party systems. Talk to us about how our innovative and cost effective solutions can help you.

Offshore Personnel Tracking Solutions

The EPIC Smart-Trac™ POB System is also the ideal solution for tracking personnel between different sites and/or attached platforms. With a live display of the current POB, you will always know who is where. Plus our historic report system will allow you to view who was where and when.

Reports include:

  • Resident POB (daily report), current POB of location and all other managed locations
  • Lifeboat muster lists
  • Arrival and departing pax lists and associated bed lists for catering
  • Bridge linked platform POB status and mustering status
  • Flight Logistics and Hotel Management features:
  • Personnel arrival and accommodation management processing
  • Flight reports and manifest
  • Real-time POB reporting at all times - including during arrivals, departures, other locations and lifeboat limits
  • Unique Radio Frequency ID tag issued for each person (photograph optional)
  • Shift planning

POB Management: the EPIC Intelligent Tracker ensures that the right people are in the right place at the right time.