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A comprehensive personnel administration module maintains personnel details and can produce multiple reports. If there is a report not available that you require, just let us know and we can produce one for you, test it and upload to your system.

Available reports include:

  • Resident POB (daily report), current POB of location and all other managed locations
  • Emergency reports
  • Lifeboat muster lists
  • Arrival and departing pax lists and associated bed lists for catering
  • Bridge linked platform POB status and mustering status
  • Personnel movements
  • Flight Logistics and Hotel Administration features:
    • Personnel arrival and accommodation processing
    • Flight reports and manifest
    • Real-time POB reporting at all times - including during arrivals, departures, other locations and lifeboat limits
    • Unique Radio Frequency ID tag issued for each person (photograph optional)
    • Shift planning
    • Plus a range of historical reports

A powerful reporting engine facilitates a large number of customisable and exportable reports onshore and offshore within minutes in real time.

Reporting: the right information in the right place at all times