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Zone Control

There are some areas that you have to restrict for reasons of confidentiality and there are some areas where you must limit numbers for safety reasons. Then there is hotel room / cabin door card access control systems with master key option.

Using either a passive 'dumb' system with programmable key card access systems or an active wireless access point system, you will have the facility to link access to individuals or user groups. Whether you require this for accommodation security or to limit numbers to an area, it is an effective way to protect your assets and reduce risk. Our access control systems uses our adaptable RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology combined with high end electronic locks (including ATEX certified access control systems). It is extremely flexible and will integrate into other systems including flight management, gangway control and electronic muster control systems. HR information stored on the system always ensures that the right person is in the right place at the right time and real time reporting both onshore and offshore ensures those responsible can request a report at any time. Although designed originally for Offshore Oil and Gas, it is so adaptable that it can be used on all vessels, including shipping and onshore in refineries and other industries.

Access Control: protecting personnel and assets

Take out the risk of human error and speak to us about how we can help with our innovative and adaptable solutions from EPIC Door Access Control Systems.

Zone Control


Having the ability of seeing which personnel are in a certain area or zone is not only useful for safety but can also flag personnel who shouldn't be in this area. This module can be used to integrate with permit to work (PTW) systems to ensure you have the right workforce in the correct area.

Control is achieved either using standard door access systems or via RFID antenna's for 'hands free' monitoring located at "chock points", these are usually doors or corridors. Possible uses are monitoring personnel located within hazardous areas or secure areas such as wellhead modules or engine rooms. Another positive effect of zone control is during a muster situation, you have a better picture of where missing personnel are located and if no response from them during an emergency, you know where to contact them or in the worst case, where to send the search and rescue team.

By placing more antenna's around key areas, we can also create "Real Time Location Service" (RTLS), which can track personnel or assets to within a few centimeters of their physical location in real time. A great tool when "lone worker" safety is important or a requirement.