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 Risk Management - Emergency Plans - Practical advice on Design and Build - Access Control.

As the biggest global POB and Mustering Specialist with expertise and years of experience, we can provide you with advice and a strategy that will ensure your needs are met at any stage in the most cost effective, efficient way. Perhaps your POB system is not linked to mustering checks? Perhaps you have a door access system that is not linked to POB? Perhaps you have a Flight Logistics System that is not linked to your Hotel Management System? Perhaps you do not have a POB or Mustering System at all? Perhaps you simply need to control access to restrict numbers, manage your POB and protect your personnel? Perhaps you just don’t know where to start or perhaps you have already been sold a system that was not fit for purpose?

From initial thoughts to design and build to analysis and review of existing systems, our specialist consultants can help. We are happy to advise on any situation anywhere in the world. No matter how small your request, contact us to find out how we can help.