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During a programme of platform upgrades, an accommodation jack-up was planned to provide additional bed space for workers on a multi-platform complex with 2 remote wellhead platforms. Platforms 2 and 4 had restrictive POB limits and it was expected that the safe limits would be exceeded regularly during the project. The operator did not have a robust and flexible method of managing the POB limits or personnel shuttling to and from the wellhead platforms.


EPIC installed a system of readers and automated POB traffic lights at entry and exit points to each bridge. The traffic lights were installed to manage the separate platform POB limits with an override system to close each bridge separately if desired. The system was fully backed up with UPS to ensure continued operation in a power outage while remaining linked to the ESD System. A shuttle system was installed to provide effective management of personnel travelling between the remote wellheads and the main platform complex.


The POB limits were maintained within safe levels and as a result of procedural assistance, the flow of personnel was effectively managed between the 7 platforms, improving operational efficiency and personnel safety. The flexibility of the Smart-Trac POB System allowed the operator to manage the dynamic nature of the POB limits to suit the project phases.
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