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'Real Time Location Services' or RTLS uses fixed sensors to detect and determine an approximate location of an RFID tag through algorithms and triangulation. This is very useful for providing a ‘hands-free’ method of locating your workforce on site. However, these systems have their limitations, the biggest hurdle to achieving complete accuracy is the environment. RF radio waves in a metal environment can act in unpredictable ways, which in turn can give unpredictable results. EPIC insist on the deployment of short range RFID technology during the mustering of personnel and bridge control so as to ensure that positive feedback is given to the user on presentation of tag and therefore ensuring 100% accuracy during an emergency and to ensure your POB is always correct.

RTLS does have its uses for tracking personnel even in a metal rich environment. Large open areas such as drill decks and FPSO turrets can achieve high levels of accuracy, even down to within a few meters. If your site has comprehensive WiFi infrastructure, then smart phones can be used to obtain fairly accurate location services.



EPIC also have experience in the supply of life monitoring technology such as ‘panic buttons’, ‘man over-board’ and ‘man-down’ motion accelerometers.

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