Access Control

The EPIC Smart-Trac POB Management and Electronic Mustering System can integrate with almost any modern Access Control Software. Our RFID technology is based on the same as most access control systems, be it 13.56MHz or 125KHz. This ability to integrate allows for a single multi-purpose turnkey solution that can be deployed to manage all your POB and security requirements.

Zone Control

By installing readers at key choke points we can create sub-locations for the monitoring of personnel, typically useful in hazardous areas. This can help ensure that only authorised personnel are present plus help with managing missing personnel in an emergency. The use of “Real Time Location Services” (RTLS) is also available where choke points cannot be easily created. This can then monitor the exact location of personnel to within a few meters.


Man Down

EPIC also have experience in the supply of life monitoring technology such as ‘panic buttons’, ‘man over-board’ and ‘man-down’ motion accelerometers.

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EPIC’s vision is to be the global leader in the development and provision of systems that ensure the accurate management of POB from day to day and during emergency responses in hazardous environments.
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