POB Management

The POB Management module is the core of every Smart-Trac POB Software installation. It provides detailed and exact information on the current persons on board the asset. Whether you are an offshore platform, a semi-sub flotel or a land-based site, knowing exactly who is on your site and that you have sufficient capacity available in lifeboats is key to your daily operations.

Information displayed on the POB tab includes:

Total POB

Exact current POB for each assigned location

POB Limit

The maximum set allowed for each assigned site

POB Breakdown

This shows you how many residents and visitors are on each assigned location


This will show you how many daily PAX have arrived or departed since midnight

Also displayed on this tab is important information about lifeboat and muster point allocations including lifeboat capacity and seat allocation. This will also display if any residents are currently ‘off location’ and how many visitors you may have who also require a lifeboat allocation.

Personnel Records

To function effectively, Smart-Trac requires input of basic personnel information such as name, sex and a unique ID. However, this powerful engine can also store and utilise additional information such as work role, company, qualifications and certifications, medical status (including any required vaccinations), next of kin and notes regarding specific roles or emergency duties.

The system can then be used to automatically notify the user with useful information, for example if individuals are required to update health and safety training courses or if they are infrequent visitors to your site and they are required to do a site induction on their next visit.

This additional information can then be used to generate reports such as persons on board by company. The EPIC tracking system can even install meal counters in the mess hall, for personnel to swipe at each mealtime,  this data can be used to generate reports which are useful for back billing to contractors.

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