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Smart-Trac EPIC Software Training Packages

EPIC is a client focused company which supplies high quality products and service to our clients worldwide. Our software packages are used during critical situations and it is vital that personnel are provided with the correct level of training. An investment in training ensures that personnel have confidence in operating our EPIC software packages and in an emergency, personnel are managed quickly and efficiently.

Our dedicated training facility provides the perfect environment for training. We offer a range of courses depending on the users experience and job function. Our facility allows us to tailor EPIC software training courses to suit specific setups so that they match your site and mix of personnel. We can provide stand alone sessions if required.


Level 1

Target audience: Muster checkers
Time required: 1-2 hours
Location: Client site/ local site/ EPIC
Max delegates: 12

The level 1 training course provides individuals involved in the physical mustering of personnel with an understanding of the POB System and the equipment used.

This course can be provided by the EPIC commissioning team whilst on-site after the installation of your Smart-Trac System.

Level 2

Target audience: OIM, Muster controller, Onshore/ Offshore Control Room Operator
Time required: Half day
Location: Client site/ local site/ EPIC
Max delegates: 6

The level 2 training course is designed for personnel involved in the operation and management of the POB system, this is specifically tailored to personnel who will control the POB system on a day-to-day basis but will not be the primary system administrator. This course covers the main functions of POB and bridge control, how to manage a muster and platform evacuation.

*Note: This course cannot be provided by the EPIC commissioning team.

Level 3

Target audience: Primary system administrators
Time required: 1.5 days
Location: EPIC preferred but possible at local site
Max delegates: 3

The level 3 training course is designed for personnel who will undertake the primary administration of the POB system and require a comprehensive understanding of the systems functionality. This course covers the full functionality of the POB system. Due to the in-depth nature of this course, the course should be completed at an onshore training facility. It is very difficult to devote the required time to this training course if performed on site.

*Note: This coure cannot be provided by the EPIC Commissioning team.

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