POB Management

POB Management is at the heart of every Smart-Trac installation. Given live detailed and precise information on the current persons on board within your site. Regardless to whether you are an offshore platform, a semi-sub flotel or a land-based site, you can have piece of mind knowing your personnel are safe and within LSA limits.

Electronic Mustering

Our Electronic Mustering module offers fast, efficient and 100% accurate knowledge of where your personnel are in an emergency. Live realtime data is displayed showing who has correctly mustered and who is still missing, including core crew emergency teams and key personnel. All of this makes e-Mustering an essential safety system that your site should be using.

Hotel Management

The Hotel Management module ensuring you always have enough beds for your workforce when they are needed. The software will also manage when your rooms need servicing and print room cards showing occupancy. We can also ensure you can control day/night shift workers to ensure minimal distractions to all. All of this is achievable in our complete package.

Travel Logistics

Our Travel Logistics module give complete helicopter / boat transfer manifest planning and scheduling to ensure you have the correct personnel on site at the right time. Create transfers for the week ahead or immediate travel for those unexpected guests, its all possible in our complete package

Reports & Analytics

Detailed reports to ensure your project planning has been correctly utilised and you are keeping within your LSA limits. The Smart-Trac analytics can also be used to ensure correct client billing together with ensuring you have managed your lifeboat and emergency mustering allocations.

Access Control

Intergrate Smart-Trac with almost any leading Access Control solution to create a complete all-in-one POB and security system. You can also share your RFID tags to ensure efficient use of resources. Plus we can create zones and sub-locations using control point readers, all of which help to manage POB in key locations and help with finding injured personnel in an emergency.

Hands Free / RTLS

Real Time Location Services (RTLS) is a hands free solution to tracking assets and personnel for peace of mind of everyones safety. Using cutting edge technology to determine the location of personnel down to a few meters. Plus we can also intergrate 'man-down' features such as panic buttons and motion accelerometers to know when your personnel are in trouble and require assistance.

24/7 Customer Support

Every active Smart-Trac subscription comes with full 24/7 technical and user support to ensure minimal downtime during those important projects. This includes full remote assistance from our hardware and software teams no mater where you are located in the world.

User Training

Comprehensive training for all users of the system from heli-admin administrators to emergency muster controllers and installation managers. We ensure every user of the Smart-Trac system knows how to use the software efficiently and effectively.
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EPIC’s vision is to be the global leader in the development and provision of systems that ensure the accurate management of POB from day to day and during emergency responses in hazardous environments.
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