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New improved System Tray

The EPIC System Tray gets a face lift

Our TCP to serial controller for our Intrinsically Safe fixed RFID Mercury and CR510Ex readers for use within hazardous areas has just received a face lift. 


New 24vdc 8 Channel PSU

Following repeated supply chain disruption EPIC have designed and released our very own 2U rack mount 8 channel 24vdc PSU.


Zone 1 Fixed RFID Reader Now Available

EPIC are very proud to announce the full zone 1 hazardous area certificate for our new harsh environment fixed RFID reader. The CR100Ex (ABZ1) is a A-B redundant RS485 serial reader which has been certificated for use within zone 1 with UKCA, ATEX and IECEx. The enclosure is marine grade SS316L IP66 and is designed for use as an external emergency muster point or as part of a control point to ‘badge IN or OUT’ to and from another location or sub-location. The RFID technology used in the heads can be either 13.56MHz or 125KHz depending on your requirements. Get A Quote.. View CR100Ex-ABZ1 UKCA Certificate CML 21 UKEX 1738X View CR100Ex-ABZ1 ATEX Certificate CML 21 ATEX 1738X View CR100Ex-ABZ1 IECEx Certificate IECEx CML 21.0087X

Introducing the new Stainless Steel Mercury

EPIC are proud to announce the addition of the CR510Ex to our product line. This rugged SS316L IP66 stainless steel fixed RFID reader is ATEX Intrinsically Safe certified for use within a zone 2 hazardous environment. The unit houses the well proven Mercury M2+ electronics which is designed for reading 13.56MHz MiFare RFID tags. Because of its RS485 serial data technology, a single instrument cable is only required and can be up to 700 meters long. This all means the unit is very versatile and ideal for external muster points including lifeboats, plus it can also be used for control point readers. Get A Quote.. View CR510Ex ATEX Certificate ABTECH19 ATEX 4159X

CR190 Fixed RFID Reader

The All New Fully Flexible Fixed RFID Reader

Introducing the all new fully flexible fixed RFID reader, the CR190. This Android based device has a built in 13.56MHz MiFare RFID scanner plus red/green LED light bars and is suitable for use in a mulitude of solutions. It is ideal for internal muster points, wall mounted on a slimline VESA mount and only requiring a single network cable to provide both power and data. The clean and easy to see 10" screen provides all the required information when scanning your tag. The device can also be used as a single IN/OUT reader, to move personnel to or from another location such as an attached wind turbine or even if popping quayside for a few hours. Similar to our mobile RFID readers, the functionality of the device can be changed by swipping a 'Location/Function Card' at the reader. The reader will then beep and display its new function/location and that is it, it is ready for use. Get a Quote..


Introducing our new Mobile RFID Reader

We have now introduced two Android based mobile RFID readers. The TC75ex is a zone 2 hazardous area scanner while the TC70 is the safe area version. Both units are fully compatible with our Smart-Trac POB Management and Electronic Mustering System and can be used for a variety of tasks such as mustering of personnel at lifeboats or muster points and control point management (IN / OUT tagging). The devices which are manufactured by Zebra/Bartec will now replace the end of life "iroc Ci70" which had served EPIC well over the years. View Advisory

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